• Tiffany Draper

Choose what kind of day

I woke up this morning fussing from one end of my house to the other. Why? I was upset, I was angry about something that I couldn't do anything about now. It happened, so I needed to accept that and move on, but if you know me, I didn't. I stayed in that mad angry vulnerable place and allowed it to almost ruin the morning. One kid washed his book bag now the whole washing machine is red...seriously! The 2-3 yr. Old Cries every morning because he isn't a morning person and he absolutely hates using the potty. FML right! On top of that, I'm running late. When I finally did make it to the car, the lord spoke to me and softly whispered in my ear "Calm Down" "Relax, its OK". I wanted to ignore it, but I couldn't. I looked in the back seat and instead thanked God for my life. Here I am, fussing about something that can be fixed. So what if he broke the washing machine and now everything we wash will be red, I happen to like red. Lol or so what Kingston is upset every morning because he hates mornings, I do too. The point that I realized was that these problems are mediocre compared to the real problems that the world faces everyday. The problems that I think that I have are laughable. This morning if you started out on the wrong foot, simply start over there is a lot more day ahead of you today. Apologize, forgive, and let whatever is ruining your day let it go. I promise you its not worth it! Have a good day guys đź’›

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