• Tiffany Draper

Depression and The Best of Me

Definition of Depression: feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

"self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression"


Psychological Symptoms:

Feeling miserable. This misery is present for much of the day but may vary in its intensity.

The misery lasts for weeks.

Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities.

Slowed or inefficient thinking with poor concentration, leading to difficulties sorting out problems

or making plans or decisions.

Physical Symptoms:

Loss of appetite with excessive loss of weight.

Loss of sleep despite feeling exhausted. Loss of energy, even when not physically active.

Loss of sleep despite feeling exhausted. Sleep is typically restless and unsatisfying with early morning

wakening (one to two hours earlier than usual). Some people, however, may actually sleep a lot more

than usual.

I have suffered with depression as well as anxiety for years now. I'm not sure if I can really exactly pin point why and how it became apart of my life, but just know that things sometimes become overwhelming for me. For me, I feel as though I am the backbone of my family. I am able to get things done and also a quick thinker. I am that grab life by the horns type of girl, a go getter if you will. Sometimes, I feel that I become super human or immortal, and because of that I feel that people think that as well. I love helping people and giving back to people, but I also feel that because Im constantly giving I find myself not taking care of "me". It is hard dealing with all of these feelings and emotions but its ok, I will reap the benefits one day. I love, love, there's nothing better.

In my depression to help deal and or cope with it, I turned to food, which helped me gain about 40 pounds. I'm not happy about that and whenever someone mentions my weight I instantly become depressed and sad about it. I can dress cute all day, but later when I undress or go home to put on a cute outfit and it doesn't exactly fit the way it should I get depressed all over again.I do believe that this is manageable and that I can beat this. Please keep me in your prayers as I fight this. I attached a link below to a website that talks about depression, the signs, and how to cope. It is a good read and has a lot of helpful points.


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