• Tiffany Draper

A New Lifestyle;30 days to a Healthier Me!

For years I've tried several different diets and some worked, but most didn't. I started doing some research in January of 2016 about plant based eating. I read several different blogs and different perspectives on that way of eating (woe) and decided to take a shot at it. I ate like that for about 3 weeks and I could honestly tell the difference in the way I felt, my bowel movements, my body odor, and my skin. For the first time in my life I didn't feel sluggish and I couldn't stand the smell of cooked or raw meats. Literally every time I went to the grocery store in the meat dept. I could smell the raw meat and it made me gag.

A few months later, my cousin introduced me to Keto. I read up on a few people that had lost a whole lot of weight and

and found that it was mostly because of the way that they were eating 80/20. It's true and from what I have seen and witnessed that bodies are made in the kitchen, you are what you eat. So once I realized that I didn't want to be walking around looking like a large fry, a large sweet tea, or a whopper with cheese with no lettuce or tomatoes, I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. My cute clothes got tight and feet started to swell. I couldn't understand what was happening, then my lab results came back from the doctor and they explained that I had an overactive thyroid, but I was steadily gaining weight. Something didn't add up about those lab results, however they wanted to send me to the Endocrinologist so that he could take things a step further. That was last week.

I have decided to try the Keto way of eating and see if I can get some results that way. My first day is tomorrow and I'm encouraging everyone to join me, we can do this together and get our life back. I need to lose a total of 40 pounds and its my goal to achieve that by Thanksgiving. 4 months + 10 pounds a month= Achievable!!

I'm excited and if you are interested in joining me or learning more about low carb eating, low carb recipes and or simply learning more about Keto Eating and the Lifestyle please send me a message to my email address @ jassytd@gmail.com

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