• Tiffany Draper

Turning Point

On new years eve, a friend of mine asked me to go to church with her. I was excited about going because I had been hearing so many wonderful things about this church, but because of a previous issue that I had, I wouldn't go over there.

The same thing happened when she asked me to go; I called her back and made up some crazy excuse as to why I couldn't go, she didn't know that, but now she does.

On January 7th, I woke up with the sole intention to change my perspective on life. Just the day before, God showed me that he was sovereign by allowing my paint party to sale out in 2 weeks. Wow! My mind was blown. I knew that because God was showing me what he could do for me, that I wanted to see what else would happen if I just changed my life, the way I thought, and began to honor him with my life. So, I did. Going to church that Sunday, at that same church that I had been invited to the previous week, changed my life. In just 2 weeks, I could see myself changing. It has now been 25 days and I can honestly say that I love this place. I go and get what I need. There is so much life in this place. I don't feel like I'm not supposed to be there. I don't feel judged, I feel free. Liberated. All that I know is that I made a promise to God that I would change my life and start living for him and I'm doing just that. I'm not perfect and I still have lots to do, but the main thing is that I have started the process of turning my life around. I trust God with that. I believe that he can and will take care of me. If you are interested in joining me for church, email me, ill send you the name of the church!

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