• Tiffany Draper

The Decision...

I am so transparent about my life and where im going that I don't mind telling you my business. The reason is because I have a story to tell, and that story is my life. It looks good to you from where you're sitting, but what if I told you that just 4 months ago yours truly had executed a plan to take my life.I meant it! Every single word of it. I thought about my kids and I thought about who would love them. Sure, they would be loved but not the way that I would love them. Sure they would be hugged, but not the way I would hug them. If I can be completely honest with you. I am broken. I'm at a crossroads and I have some tough decisions to make. Will it be easy. No, will it be worth it. Absolutely. I will tell you this, if there is something that you want to do in life, just do it. Catchy Right! Lol that slogan could not have been more powerful than right now in my life. Just do it! What are you waiting for? I've been waiting on people to change and do the things that I expected them to do all of my life...Today that part of my life is over. No more worrying about what people think or what people say. I'm done...I love myself too much to watch this beautiful life that I have, be reduced to nothing.

God has been too good to me and to

day I choose to start living my life. No more conforming, no more second guessing, no more secretly wishing that I had did certain things. I'm over it. Today is a new day, go find yourself, she's waiting.

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