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Pandemic Promises

Hey girl, Hey! It's been a while since I've been able to write. Thank God for this Nationwide Pandemic, Right! (Insert Sarcasm) This time away, apart from everything that we know to be normal has been interrupted. For me, it was much needed. I needed to spend some time with my family...I have learned so much about them in these past 2 months, and I learned a lot about myself too.

I have learned to be patient

to extend grace

to be more loving

to be more motivated

to slow down

to not stress out

to take each day with stride

This is a marathon and not a sprint

I have actually had a chance to get to know me again and that feels really good. I'm focused on a more holistic approach to life.

During the quarantine I made some changes and accomplished some things too.

I became a certified Life Coach and I also will be opening an Online Store here on the Website May 22nd.

My oldest son will graduate from High School in July 2020 and my baby will graduate from Kindergarten this month as well.

I'm proud of myself, because together, we did it!

What did you do during the quarantine? Comment below!

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