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I am constantly striving everyday to be better than the person I was yesterday.

If you know me then you should already know that I am a very analytical person.

This comes with its advantages and disadvantages. I don't strive for perfection, but I pay attention to detail. I'm a watcher I observe people. I enjoy it. I watch people move about their day, how they eat their foods, play with their children, pronounce words, how they dress, how they interact with other people and most importantly how they love. Watching other people helps me gather insight about the world and people that are around me. I am careful about the things that I do and say. I want to be remembered as a person who loved, a woman who believed, and most importantly as a person who gave. Giving to me is more than physical its the way you treat other people and the way you love.

My purpose in this life is to be the best me that I can possibly be and I'm passing that down to my boys as well. I've always heard..."be the change you wish to see".

"Life is changed by your example, not by your opinion"

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