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Amazing Things Will Happen

"If you work really hard & are kind, amazing things will happen"

That is what the the title of my new planner/notebook/journal says on the front. I believe that if you stay in your own lane, mind your own business, and follow God's plan for your life that anything can happen. It is a blessing to be able to sit before God and thank him in the midst of your own adversities. What I've found to be true and most rewarding is while I was going through my own trials and tribulations I still wanted to help somebody else. You see, there is always somebody else who is going through worse, but while we're in our own mess, its hard to see or to believe that. I believe that my true calling is to give back and help people. I love it! It truly warms my heart. So, I will continue to be kind and love those despite what is happening in my life. Spread Love, spread peace, spread joy!

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