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Brunch & Brand Event

Ladies, please join me for the latest networking event that I will be hosting on Saturday September 9, 2017.

The event will be held at Grille 29 starting from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. If you are an entrepreneur in any type of business please feel free to come out and network with like minded women looking to meet new people and grow their businesses. If you don't have a business you are still invited to attend this event as well. This event will be full of inspiration and encouragement especially if you're looking to go into business for yourself.

Brunch, mimosas, and networking. Please feel free to bring your business cards and your appetite. This event is a judgement free zone. Don't worry about your attire, come completely relaxed and ready to have a good time.

There is no registration fee to attend this Event, however in order to secure your spot you must send an email to jassytd@gmail.com.

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