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Forever kind of love...

Social media will have you all in your feelings if you aren't careful. I scroll down my timeline and there are babies being Born, people getting married, people getting engaged, not to mention Beyonce just had a set of twins 2 months ago and she looks like she hasn't had 1 single child. Her snap backs are amazing. Meanwhile, I'm over here with a Food baby still trying to digest my lunch...I digress.

We spend so much time looking at other people and their lives trying to mimic what they have, not realizing that we should've been focused on us all along.

I want a husband, and not just any husband, I want the husband that God has sent and made specifically just for me. Yes. I know he won't be perfect and I'm prepared to humble myself to understand that. I want what God has for me and I know he has someone, he's somewhere waiting on God to finish working on me. I'm not perfect but I'm solid. I'm loyal and I will love you even when it hurts to love. God is faithful and if you just hold on and trust his timing, he will send that person to you.

But for now...bask in the presence of the Lord and be thankful and grateful for this season.


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