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Celebrate Yourself!

Over the years I've been guilty of waiting for someone or people to celebrate me. Why? We put expectations on others that don't even know that they are expected to come through in the way that we feel they should....that was a lot I know.

I decided to invite friends and family out for a small luncheon for my birthday. Although, my birthday is Wednesday October 25th, I wanted to see my closest friends and family and to celebrate with those people. 

I was more than pleased with the turn out. I expected maybe 5-8 people, but to my surprise 18 people showed up. I just want to tell each and every one of you beautiful souls...."Thank You"

I got gifts and I certainly didn't expect that. Lol

I was told that when you do good by people then that same good comes back to you. It certainly came back and I am so grateful that those people thought enough of me to help celebrate me!

Here's to 35! I'm ready for you!

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